Medium frequency converters with power ranges 20 kW and 1.000 kW and working frequencies between 250 Hz and 50.000 Hz are used with heaters to heat round or square profiles and pipes made of steel or nonferrous metals (copper, brass, aluminium) and measuring from 1 to 150 mm in diameter – to a temperature of 1.250 °C before remodelling (forging, bending). Heating systems are customized to fit customer’s needs. They occupy very little space. Examples of use: screws with a special head design (M10-M100), nuts, bolts, tools, spanners, wrenches, links, sheet punching tools, ejectors, continuous curving of pipe sections (1/2″-12″, radius from 2,5D upward).


  • direct heating within the material with eddy currents (skin effect)
  • medium frequency heating reaches several millimetres of depth
  • improved product quality due to low level of surface combustion (up to 0,06 mm, up to 0,3 mm with gas)
  • no grain formation within the structure and no carbon losses on the surface of the processed item (heating from 5 to 50 sec)
  • unvarying temperature of up to 0,1 %
  • imcreased durability of forging tools
  • power consumption for steel from 0,35 to 0,5 kWh/kg at up to 1.250 °C
  • no demands for workers (heat, noise)
  • environment friendly technology
  • increased productivity

Technical specifications

Example of screw forging with the TRM135K3 device


  • Power supply: 3×400 V/50 Hz, 150 kVA
  • MF output: 135 kW/1,5 kHz to 4,5 kHz
  • Cooling: air and water
  • Dimensions: 1.200×600×2.100 mm

Heating system

  • Capacity: up to 300 kg/h of steel with a diameter
  • of 19 to 120 mm or 13 to 80 mm at 1.250 °C
  • Cooling water consumtion: up to 1,5 m3/h
  • Dimensions: 1.200×600×1.200 mm


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