Medium frequency converters with power ranges between 10 kW and 50 kW and working frequencies between 1.000 Hz and 100 kHz are used with heating systems, are used in electronic and machanical engineering and also in the manufacturing of tools.
They are distinguished by extremely small dimensions, good energy efficiency and low power input.
Siver, brass or copper solders are used to join together metal parts (steel, brass, copper, and silver) at a temperature of up to 1.100 °C.
The procedure enables soldering and brazing of metals (Fe, Cu, Au, Ag, and brass), artificial and sintered diamonds and carbide plates onto working tools.
We also perform soldering services on our units.


  • short heating times
  • direct heating at the point of soldering
  • medium frequency (MF) enables depth heating
  • no solder overheating
  • unvarying results
  • possibility of automation
  • soldering in a protective atmosphere
  • improved working conditions (light, heat, noise)
  • environment friendly technology
  • reduced dimensions and weight of the unit
  • reduced energy and cooling water consumption


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