Induction melting usage

Medium frequency converters with powers ranging from 10 kW to 2.000 kW and frequencies ranging from 250 Hz to 50.000 Hz are used with smelters, to melt grey iron, steel, nonferrous and precious metals in a graphite crucible as well as quartz and glass.
Capacities of melting crucibles range from 0,5 kg to 5.000 kg. They are used to melt metals with a melting point above 2.000 °C. Induction melting is conducted simply in the open, under vacuum conditions or in a protective atmosphere.

Induction melting advantages

  • short melting times
  • significant energy savings
  • even alloying due to vertical melt mixing in the electromagnetic field
  • improved product quality
  • possibility of melting under vacuum conditions
  • reduced dimensions
  • improved working conditions (noise, heat, dust)
  • environment friendly technology

Technical specifications

Example of melting high alloyed steel with the PT2000K05 unit


  • Power supply: 2×(3×710 V)/50 Hz, 2.200 kVA
  • MF output: 2.000 kW, 2.000 V, 300-500 Hz
  • Cooling: air and water
  • Dimensions: 3.000 × 600 × 2.200 mm


Melting capacity:

  • 3.500 kg/h – steel at 1.600 °C
  • Crucible volume: 4.000 kg


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